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Without games, your bachelorette party could be just any common get-together with the friends of the bride. Games are what really bring the event alive, and what encourage attendees to intermingle with one another. In fact, the right game selection can turn a boring party into a truly memorable one. And depending on the event's atmosphere and theme, you can vary the games from the sexy to the wholesome.


So where do you start while planning you party games? The easiest way is to consider the classic bachelorette party games that have proven immensely popular over the years. Some of these include: Dress Design (in which teams of ladies create a “bridal gown” for one person that they select to model the dress, with the only material used for the dress being toilet paper.); Scavenger Hunt (in which the guests are given a list of wedding-related items to find throughout the house); and Ugliest Picture (in which each guest is asked ahead of time to find the ugliest photo of the groom they can find, with the bride showing off the photos for everyone to see).

But these are just a few. A party becomes truly your own when you incorporate your own variations so that people will remember your bachelorette party as being different from all the rest.

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