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Bachelorette Parties are today as popular as the traditional bachelor party and may be just as wild!

The party gives the bride-to-be an opportunity to celebrate her last days as a single bachelorette. This is a fun and relaxing time for the bachelorette and her friends to bond over good conversation, good food, gifts, drinks, games and lots of laughs.  We provide up to date articles on party invitations, themes, decorations, planning and ideas and much more!

Bachelorette Party - Ideas, Games, Favors and More

Bachelorette Party Ideas:

Planning an exciting and memorable Bachelorette Party can be as much fun as the party itself. The object of the bachelorette party is to give the bride to be an opportunity to celebrate her last days as a bachelorette and at the same time celebrate her transition into ‘married life’. Ideas discussed here will include the theme of the party, where to hold the party, how to plan your budget, and many suggestions for fun activities.


Bachelorette parties can be very conservative and intimate or they can be just as wild and crazy as the traditional bachelor party including male strippers and lots of fun party games and adult props. Read More.


Bachelorette Party Games:

Bachelorette parties can provide a wonderful opportunity for the bride to be and her friends to bond over some very revealing games or they can be naughty and flirtatious events with games that will make the ladies blush. No matter if you're in your twenties or if you have met your future husband through senior dating, this is a fun and relaxing time for the bachelorette and her friends to bond over good conversation, good food, gifts, drinks, games and lots of laughs. For ideas for all kinds of parties, the following will include games that give insights into the bride to be plus games that will make the ladies squeal with laughter and the bride blush from embarrassment.


There are lots of party game ideas that will fit with any bachelorette party theme and games that can be played whether the party is held at a private home or out on the town. Read More.


Bachelorette Party Favors:

The favors for a bachelorette party are just as important as the favors for a bridal shower. In fact, a lot of the favors used at a bridal shower can also be used for the bachelorette party. There are many choices for party favors that will fit with the theme of your party offered here. These can be a bulk or generic kind of party favor that will work well for every lady at the party or they can be personalized for each guest.


If you are planning to have games at your party, the party favors can also double as prizes for the winners of the games. The purpose of the party favors is to send each lady home with a little keepsake or reminder of the special evening with their friends.
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Bachelorette Party Invitations:

Bachelorette Party Invitations are the announcements of the fun event you are planning for the bride to be. This is her way of celebrating her last days as a single lady plus her transition into married life. The invitations need to be simple, informal and on the lighter side of things to set the mood for the party. Bachelorette parties are intended to be the one time that the bride and all her friends can escape the pressures of planning the big day and relax. You can also use online stores such as bridal invitations at Annsbridalbargains.com to make it simple and they are one of the best! Learn how to create wonderful invitations and the steps needed to make them unique and well constructed.
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Bachelorette Party Gifts:

The party gifts for a bachelorette party are an important way for the bachelorette to send each of her lady guests home with a little memento of the special time they are spending together. The gifts can be simple and inexpensive while still providing a lovely keepsake for the guests. The gifts can be in line with the theme of the party or may be something personalized to mark the event. They are the bachelorette’s way of saying ‘thank you’ for the support of her friends. Included here are many good ideas that you may want to use for your special party gifts. Read More.



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